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Deck & Fence Cleaning Services

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Deck Cleaning

Deck cleaning services are an excellent way to keep your deck looking great all year round. Many people prefer not to spend their time doing work around their home, so they hire someone else to do it for them. If you have a nice deck, you definitely want to make sure it looks good at all times. You don’t want to worry about having to clean it yourself all the time and if you’re already busy working full-time, then hiring a professional to take care of it might just be what you need. If your deck is already starting to look old and gray, or has mold growing on it, our deck cleaning techniques can revitalize it.

Our team of professionals can wash off dirt, spots and mildew. Our service is not limited to decks either. We can also clean pergolas, gazebos and all types of outdoor hardwoods. We can also clean the new deck materials that are being used today. We utilize light pressure to wash your wood fence and deck, applying a solution to remove any algae buildup or wood discoloration that has built up over the years. For decks that are going to get new stain applied, we strip the old faded color with a stripping solution made for your deck.

Fence Cleaning

fence cleaning

Have a dirty fence need cleaning? We clean safely clean mold, mildew and algae from your fence!  Our team uses superior cleaning agents and equipment to gently eliminate buildup and restore the beautiful, spotless surface beneath. We take pride in being careful and detail-oriented, so you’ll always get the best results.

If you’ve been contemplating investing in a new fence, put your plan on pause. Most surfaces are just in desperate need of some professional TLC. After our service, your property will truly feel like it has a brand new fence… Without the cost! Regular fence cleaning services are also an important preventative maintenance measure. We recommend periodic cleanings to ensure that your fencing looks great, resists accelerated wear and tear, and doesn’t get exposed to irreversible damage. Plus, you’ll have the benefits of instant curb appeal by having your fence professionally cleaned by Grime Busters Power Washing!

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