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Paver Restoration

paver cleaning and restoration

Are your pavers faded and boring? Is mold, mildew, and plants taking over in between your bricks?  Even top-of-the-line pavers that were laid down with utmost skill will show signs of wear and tear someday.  Restoring pavers is a lot of work, but the result will be worth all the effort. 

Updating or maintaining your paver or brick outdoor hardscape patio is the best investment you can make in your home.  A well maintained hardscape living area will increase the resale value of your home and it also makes your outdoor patio a great place to relax after a long week at the office.

No need for you to do anything. Just call Grime Busters Power Washing for your full paver cleaning, restoring, sanding and sealing needs. 

Polymeric Sand

poly paver sand

We re-sand joints using polymeric sand. What that is, is a mixture of natural sand and polymers or plastic. They mix those together in the manufacturing process and when it’s installed in the joint and you activate it with water, it activates the polymers, the polymers bind to the sand and when it dries it cures into a hard grout like material.

The purpose of installing the polymeric sand in the joint is to help keep the pavers locked together, but it also helps keep the joint filled with the material that stays locked in the place.

So polymeric sand goes in the joint during installation or during restoration when you’re cleaning the pavers up. It locks itself into place and makes it so that it can’t fill up with organic material like dirt and debris, and one of the benefits of it is because your pavers are now easier to maintain because the joints filled with locked sand, it’s more difficult for things like weeds and vegetation to grow on the joint because it doesn’t have that organic material in the joints. 

Paver Sealing

paver sealing

Sealing is meant to protect your pavers from the elements such as rain and sun. It creates an invisible and protective barrier on top of the pavers that helps repel oil and water and anything else you might accidentally spill on it. Sealing also preserves and enhances the pavers’ natural beauty. 

Sealing your pavers also prevents the growth of weed and fungi that make your pavers unsightly and slippery. Plus, it eliminates the timely chore of always removing these growths by hand, which can be labor intensive, to prevent a nasty slip or fall. 

Grime Busters Power Washing will give your dirty pavers a new and vibrant look. Call today for your free, no obligation quote

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